Frequently Asked Questions

What is OnTimeAI?

It is the #1 writing and research assistant. You can work on top-notch essays without any stress, from outlines to summaries to content improvements. All that plus fast answers for all your burning questions—OnTime Ai is here for you.

How does Ai writing help me save time?

Our Ai revolutionizes the way you work, saving hours of wasted time. Within 5 minutes, OnTime will help you create a 10-page research paper, an organized outline from your desired sources, and provide relevant thought-provoking quotes for your essay! Plus, don't worry about slogging through long novels; our AI will summarize them for you in seconds.

How reliable is Ai writing?

Thousands of users have trusted OnTime to improve their grades with the Essay Writer and all other features. Results? Over 95% of customers surveyed received an A- or above.

How do I join?

It’s simple. Click on Get Started, type in your phone number, and your account will be made.

Will the Ai get caught for plagiarism?

No, the Ai writes unique content derived from millions of texts from the internet.